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In the absence of many reviews I have now found several as complementary, reviews of the ICE version of the K27, the Daihatsu Cast. These are only for informative purposes on matters of how the car handles as well as it's interior. It has always intrigued me that about the back seats and now, via this informative video I can now confirm that the rear seats offer many nice options, including the ability to not only fold them forward, but also to slide them forward to provide a decent boot (trunk) space where there would normally be a meagre boot space but most surprisingly of all, is the ability to slightly recline the rear seats!! This is what the car is like before the EV-conversion takes place: Official Pakistani Review - Bamwheels - Daihatsu Cast Style - Small Feature Packed Car

One good piece of news I should share is that though the reviewer states that the body parts of the car may be hard to find, since the video was produced, Toyota also builds its own re-branded version of this car, so it may be possible to also purchase replacement body parts from Toyota (except for the engine and EV parts which we would need to get via Kandi)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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