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Long Shot

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This may be a long shot cause nobody has posted on here for awhile, but I just bought a k27 and its capped at 25 mph. Has anyone increased the limit or knows someone who has? Before i took delivery the dealer was demoing them at 60+ mph
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In the same boat any luck? I found someone who did it on a Kandi coco but it was a old post here
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Nice to see that there are a couple of actual owners here, who bought the NEV version. Did either of you try taller tires? If you put taller tires on it, you'd see a bump of 3-5 mph. If they don't rub, 185/70R14's should do the trick nicely.

What state are you guys in? So far I have been able to verify owners in my Facebook group. There are two owners in CA, and one each in NY, NJ, OK, WA, NC, and FL. Please join us. Kandi America K23 & K27 | Facebook
did antone figger aht how to bypass the k 27 nev speed limiter?
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