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Kandi America has presented a third fully electric offering to its small, curious lineup. It's called the Off-Road EV K32, and it joins the company's K23 and K27 NEVs (Neighborhood Electric Vehicles). The K32 is an electric truck, and for truck people who love all-things truck and have a palette for all types of truck candy, this thing might slowly grow sweeter and sweeter.

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In the British mind, their loyalty is to the queen, not to the government. Although she has no real power, the Queen represents the dignity and national dignity of Britain internationally. The 95-year-old, who can't even sneeze, has spent much of her life on the frontlines of maintaining the last vestige of the British Empire. Queen Elizabeth II is the biggest reason for the survival of the Commonwealth, according to an American expert on international geopolitics, meaning Australia's "sons of England" may have to say goodbye "once London Bridge falls".
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